Dangerous Goods and Pharmaceuticals


Transport of dangerous goods and pharmaceuticals

Transport of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are in good hands with us. We have a lot of experience with the transport of dangerous goods and have appropriately trained personnel. We transport goods of various hazard classes safely on the roads and of course take into account all applicable legal regulations. However, please note that different regulations may apply to international freight transport. It is best to contact us early so that we can check which regulations are relevant to your order. But we also react flexibly to short-term inquiries and strive to find a suitable solution immediately. We look forward to your call!

Transport of medicinal products

For pharmaceuticals, an efficient and safe supply chain is particularly important. Not infrequently, patients are waiting for a vital drug at the other end. That is why the transportation of medicines and other medical devices should be carried out only by companies with special specializations.

We have the necessary certifications for the transport of medicines. Thus, we are up to date with the EU-wide regulations for the transport of pharmaceuticals. Our temperature-controlled trucks ensure compliance with appropriate temperature limits - even for particularly sensitive drugs. Our specially trained staff brings the goods safely to their destination with the utmost care. Furthermore, our emergency service is available 24 hours a day in case of a case.

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Temperature-controlled transports

We ensure that the cold chain for food and pharmaceuticals is not interrupted at any time.

Collective Transport

We offer collective group transport for several goods from different manufacturers and with the same destination.

Transport of dangerous goods and medicines

Dangerous goods and medicines are in good hands with us.

Air Freight Transport

As an approved carrier by the Federal Aviation Office, we ensure that your cargo always reaches its destination safely.

In addition to goods transport and warehouse logistics, our offer also includes the rental of trucks.