Temperature-Controlled Transport


Temperature-Controlled Transport

Temperature-controlled and refrigerated transport of goods, such as food, medicines or fruit and vegetables, require consistently low temperatures to ensure their shelf life. This is the only way to guarantee that the goods will arrive at the recipient in perfect condition. Of course, we are aware of the special requirements that temperature-controlled goods place on logistics and our company is perfectly attuned to the transport of refrigerated goods. With our temperature-controlled transports and warehouse logistics prepared for all eventualities, we ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted at any time. Our modern vehicles keep your goods fresh in the long term, so that you reach your destination safely. In our work, of course, we attach particular importance to compliance with the applicable safety and hygiene standards.

Our logistics solutions are individually adapted to the requirements of your supply chain, so that you know your goods are in professionally competent hands at all times. This allows you to ensure that, for example, food retains its maximum freshness throughout all transport and storage processes and arrives at the destination in an attractive condition at the recipient. In addition to food, we also transport medicines. Here, too, we naturally pay attention to compliance with the required temperatures and follow the corresponding EU rules. If you would like to learn more about the transport of medicines, please contact us.

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